Thursday, December 10, 2015

WikiData knowledgebase invites anyone to flesh out their mirror of Wikipedia's knowledgebase, eg by adding additional Ulysses characters, and spelling out the links between characters.

Their representation language is still quite limited, and discourages shortcuts like representing a character's spouse as a simple name-string instead of instantiating an entire new fictional-human item.

There's lots of colorful details Joyce introduces to define character, but few of these fit neatly into existing categories: occupation, 'uses', nickname, member of, educated at, significant person...

Ideally we'll be able to extract useful 'views' of the data, down the line.

One tricky thing is differentiating real people from their fictional doubles: is 'Cranly' identical to JF Byrne?

Is Shakespeare 'present in' chapter 9?

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