Friday, December 25, 2015

Simulating Joyce's prose

joycean word-processor
helps you write more like joyce

episode styles
exercise: rewrite episode A in style B

obscure word lists

patterns of interior monologue vs dialogue&c
classes of internal thought (memory, sensation, fantasy)

generate path markers
pick a character, generate a path, generate a monolog
intersect multiple simultaneous paths (ch10)

motifs: figures of speech
eg collect 'fire' sayings and outline a fire-themed episode

speech patterns
extrapolate similar phrases based on sample from Ulysses

train a neural net on each set of authors in oxen [cf]

Matt Schneider suggests ELIZA as a model for Ithaca's q&a, Maybe a (no-graphics-style) text adventure that delivers canned text if you guess the right question?

a simple algorithm could use color to display how cliched each word-combination is, as you read or write.

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