Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Puzzle games

Since Joyce described the 12 central episodes as Bloom's "Odyssey" in which he confronts and masters 12 life-challenges, we might look for ways to echo these in classic videogame fashion.

Ideally the 'skills' we have to discover should represent real human virtues, not just stunts.






4 escaping kitchen duties?

5 avoiding drugs, advancing secret affair

6 facing humiliation and death in foreign land?

7 language skills? word puzzles?

8 consumption in moderation (being eaten?)

9 drunk stephen struggles to assemble pieces of elaborate argument

10 shifting paths/ points-of-view = empathic versatility?

11 music as an illusion/ drug? mastering music basics?

12 nationalism as ego

13 flirtation/ seduction: what charms vs what alienates

14 sex vs pregnancy? masturbation, condoms

15 lust and guilt





Monday, August 10, 2015

Ulysses expert system

Could we feed enough questions-with-answers into a knowledgebase to make it seem like a Ulysses expert?

Eg by writing Wikipedia-style articles on every person place and thing, and letting IBM's Watson train on them?

Academic litcrit would produce a lot of hogwash, so it would need to be attributed to individuals. (A Ulysses-expert expert)