Sunday, December 20, 2015

Generating monologs

more than any previous book, ulysses is a compilation of monologs along paths.

it's easy to generate random pseudo-joycean monologs

refining them is an infinite challenge

 one possibility is to time the output to approximate realtime

one approach is to classify the kinds of thoughts each character has at each moment,
and generalise those patterns

create a simplified ulysses where characters' monologs consist entirely of a small fixed set of cliches of each type

compile list of things-to-see with gps positions

choose path and compile sequence of things along path

different characters may have different memories/associations to things
good memories/ bad memories

internal states like hunger, thirst, anxiety, lust,
randomly noticed, or systematically

daily to-do list for each character
tendency to dillydally
monitoring time

financial calculations
budget for self-indulgence

encountering people
names, ages, families and occupations from census
allowing oneself time to socialise
ask about housemates


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