Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Planning paths

create a simple grid of cross streets

place a 'planner' at any point

assign them a random destination, with a schedule of rewards depending on when they reach it

let them calculate a route and realistic timeline
(ignore obstacles for now)

(could there just be a big table of distances between any two points,  and you plan by looking at the points you can move to and choose the one that's closest to your goal?)

let them follow the route, checking occasionally that they're on time

add other planners

if two planners cross paths, let them stop and 'socialise'

let socialising offer substitute rewards
(is balancing different kinds of rewards tricky?)

let them monitor that they're still on time

add other distractions (alcohol, gambling)

let planners allow for different margins of delay

(generate interior monologs for each, see below)

"i have to get to XY by Z o'clock"
"to get to XY by Z i need to be at xy by z"
"i can go via xxyy and still be on time"

simulation software can optimize paths
Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Not Utilizing Talent, Transportation, Inventory Excess, Motion Waste, Excess Processing [pdf]

spreadsheet people's days [eg]

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